We here in Sedalia obviously have our own sense of humor. I think we've seen it quite a few times this week alone, really.   I know that the big corporate chains can't really do what these small businesses can do, but I still appreciate the giggles.

Here's a look at some of the signs I saw around this week.

Advanced Pet Care is always good for a laugh.  They've done some very punny stuff in the past, and sometimes even done little riddles or jokes.


Just About You salon is generally kind of serious, but not this week. I'm digging the Beverly Hillbillies reference.


Brick Front Grill is also pretty good at some humorous signs.  They brought BOTH sides to the table this time - one silly, one serious.  Sorry about the bad lighting, I'm obviously not a photographer.



But of course, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will top this one for me.


The day that changes will be a sad day indeed. As I've said before, I love everything about this sign. I love that they tried to let us know what they had, I love that they didn't know they misspelled the word, I love that someone caught it and tried to fix it, and I love that they've kept it up there for years. I imagine them saying, "Yeah, we know we misspelled it. So what? Are you perfect? NO. We're owning this slip up and loving it." It just shows how great a sense of humor they have, that they can laugh off something like that. It's like they're saying, "We know we messed it up, but we're a buffet, not a copy editor! We care about food, not spelling!!" Please, Fortune Palace, never change that sign.  Ever.

What are some of your favorite signs around town?

Deciously yours,


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