I've never really had an office here at the good confines of Townsquare Media until the last couple of years. I had a work station or a cubby, I guess you'd call it. But now, I'm Super Official and have a real office. 

And now I find that... I'm kind of becoming an office pack rat.  There's stuff from all year in here. Here's a look at the stuff that's just in my one desk drawer:

1.  An health care survey (with envelope) that I am probably not going to take

2.  An Emory board

3.  One pack of Trident Strawberry Twist gum

4.  One Lancome powder foundation compact in 210 Clair 2

5.  One eyewear care clean and repair kit

6.  One bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-dri nail polish, in Re-Teal Therapy color

6.  One bottle of Very Irresistible body veil lotion from Givenchy

7. One Maybelline liquid eyeliner in black

8. One Clinique mascara tube in black

9. One bottle of Ibuprofen tablets

10.  One pair of eclipse glasses

11.  A mostly eaten box of Soleo Sweet pretzel sticks

12.  Two Bic White Out reels

13.  One box of Curad bandages

14.  One Kiwanis Children's Fund 78th Anniversary pin

15.  Four ink pens

16.  Three empty floppy disks

17.  Exactly five Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

18.  12 Q Tips

19.  A University of Missouri Extension calculator

20.  One BRHC hand sanitizer tube

21.  One packet of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate

22.  A metal tea diffuser

22.  Twelve outdated business cards with my maiden name on them

23.  Three lighters for the candle I threw out months ago

24. One small notepad with my monthly expenses on it

25. A two wire phone cord adaptor

26.  One hair clip

27.  One tube Blistex Ultra Rich Hydration lip balm

28.  The remote to my electronic photo frame

29.  One opened box of Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs

30.  A handheld hole punch

Do you keep anything like this in your workspace? Am I a hoarder? This is just the stuff in one drawer, not to mention the rest of the desk.....

Officely yours,


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