I don't know if you remember this (you probably don't), but I spent a year studying abroad in college.I spent my sophomore year of college at the University of Central Lancashire.  It's in the northern part of England, about an hour's drive in between Liverpool and Manchester.  I'd always wanted to visit England, and when I was young, I really wanted to live there.  Well, this was a golden opportunity to live there for a bit, get some studying in, and have an "experience".

While I didn't go nuts and do tons of crazy stuff, I did experience what life was like as an exchange student and as a US transplant.  There were some differences in what school was like (grading and assignments were a LOT different), and also in what was expected of me socially.  There were so many questions from people who just didn't get why I was there, or who didn't get what life was like in the US.  This was also right during the whole Clinton impeachment/Kosovo business, so there were a lot questions about all that too, that nineteen year old me didn't know as much about as I should have.

But, it was a good experience. I loved it.  Yes, there were bad times, but overall it was a lot of fun (if wet and cold).  So, I keep up with what happens every now and then at UCLAN.  I don't do too much on socials but I follow them on Facebook and they send me an email every now and then as an alum.

So this came, and I was pretty interested, and surprised!

A small herd of bright-eyed, sure-footed llamas could soon be gambolling across the roof flora of the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLan) £60 million Student Centre.

Planning permission has already been lodged which, if granted, would see the fun-loving animals trimming the roof garden’s green spaces, providing a mental health boost for students as well as playing an important role in UCLan’s new School of Veterinary Medicine’s teaching and research.  And like the sheep which reside on the rooftop of the Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre at nearby Barton Grange, the llamas will be kept in place by a five-foot high fence around the roof’s perimeter. They’ll even have their own staircase to come up and down as they please.

I mean, I watch Vet shows. I know that having animals on campus could be a good thing.  After all, some campuses in rural areas like to let goats on campus to eat grass and weeds, and some schools don't discourage cats in buildings to keep away pests. And they even noted some sheep on another campus there in the UK. But then as I started to read, I thought, "Well, I get this may be good for them, but this would never fly in the States..."

“We’re also investigating the possibility of our new furry friends being joined by a muddle of guinea pigs. Not only can they eat five times their weight in grass, they’ll also play a key role in the small animal care aspect of our teaching curriculum.”

Guinea pigs?  Really?  But then at the end of the article, I saw this....

Please note today's date, it is April Fools' Day...

THEY GOT ME. I was indeed, gotten. It looked so real and official! It was right there for me to get fooled.  I guess that's the best kind of April Fool's Joke - nobody got hurt, nobody was put out, nobody's day had to change... you just got a little fooled.

Have you been fooled or pranked for April Fools Day?  Have you pulled a prank yourself?

Foolingly yours,

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