I think I might need an intervention. 

I don't know why I do this.  I will never need to have this much.  Really, all I need is one.  But no, I have dozens.  Of what, you might ask?  Pens.


Those are just in one little bin on my desk in my office.  I have more in the studio.


And there are MORE in my desk drawers.  Why do I have so many? Do the pens find me? Am I somehow paranoid about losing a pen? And what do I even use them for?  Taking transmitter readings. That's about it.  I type up police reports, I write articles, I do production and stuff, but all of that is online. I type all the time. I only use a pen maybe twice a day.

So why?! WHY. Am I somehow afraid that I'm going to just be without one in a dire moment of emergency?  I swear, if I bring them up front to the closet, they'll somehow find their way back to me.  Really, all I need is one good pen, maybe a couple highlighters just in case, and a pencil.  Again, though, not really necessary. Because it's not like I'm writing anything that needs an eraser.

Now back in the day, I needed a pen.  Back when used to do more things on paper, of course you had to have a pen to sign off on it.  But now... maybe it's time I faced up to the music and just let them go again.  Maybe the sales department can use a few good pens!  Well.  Let's be honest, they probably don't.  It seems like they have a problem with pens on desks, too.

What is our collective deal with this? Do you hoard anything at work that you don't need? Paper clips? Post it notes?

Hoardingly yours,

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