When you work in an office or really, any kind of building with more than maybe three people, you have to be especially considerate of others. True, in  my office I can leave stuff around and post it notes everywhere, and I have, clearly.  I'm not messy so much as...cluttered.


Everything has a place, so to speak.  It's not like I'm leaving out food everywhere or anything.  I don't think anybody here does that, we're pretty tidy people in general.

Then, a bit ago, this sign and several others popped up.


I know it's not entirely serious because it mentions "The Law of Common Decency", but... what on Earth is happening here?  In the almost fifteen years that I've worked here, there was no need for a sign in the bathroom.  There was a need for a Mel Gibson cut out from Lethal Weapon, and so he lives there on the back of the door.  But there was never a need for a "wash your hands sign".

Which makes me... extremely paranoid.  Have people NOT been washing their hands? Do I really know these people after all? They could be unclean heathens! All this time, I've been working with unwashed philistines!! I don't know what caused the sign to come up out of nowhere, but SOMETHING must have happened.  Something must have prompted it, and it had to be someone that works in the "normal hours".  You know, not the up at dawn people who work with  me every  morning.  It had to be one of..... THEM.  The Other Side Of The Building.  What happened?  Who is the unclean non handwasher? Have they been masquerading as a handwasher this whole time? I admittedly stay in my office alone a lot, trying to write interesting blogs and listening to my "Homeless Asian Boys", as Husbando puts it. Has there been a major hygiene incident that just blew right by me? I do have Patrick Star Syndrome, after all.

Or maybe it was just a sign.



Nah, there's definitely a conspiracy here.

A dirty, non aloe moisturized, dry conspiracy.

Washingly yours,

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