This may sound strange, but working HARD can actually be counter-productive.  Now I'm not saying that working hard is a bad thing all the time, but I'm just saying you can over do it. Here are six ways it's not good for your home life OR your job.

1.  Quality goes downhill.  When you take on too many tasks, you can't do that well on any of them. If you really want to do excellent work, don't take on more than you can handle.

2.  You don't get enough rest.  Some people brag about how little sleep they can get and still function.  But the truth is, you're at your best on at least seven hours of sleep. When you're tired at work, you perform badly.

3.  You're screwing up your health.  Don't let your work schedule interfere with getting enough exercise or eating healthy.

4.  You're actually setting a bad example.  Especially if you're the boss.  You might be creating an atmosphere where everyone puts in long hours.  Then it’s a work environment where everyone is tired, and no one is at the top of their game.

5.  You're hurting your home life.  Face it.  Your personal relationships will suffer if you don't give them the time they deserve, or if you're stressed and distracted when you ARE there.

6.  It's not worth it.  One of the main regrets people have at the end of their lives is wishing they had spent less time at work.

Have you noticed yourself working too hard? Have you had any negative consequences from it?

Workingly yours,


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