Good news, slackers.  Your laziness ISN'T your fault.Well, in Husbando's case, it is  DEFINITELY his fault.  Just saying.  But for you lovely readers out there who may have a case or two of the lazies, you have an excuse.

Scientists at Oxford University in England have finally figured out why slackers exist.  And it turns out their brains are just wired differently than other people's.

The scientists ran a study where they offered a reward for completing a task to two groups of people:  One group of people who said they're active and ambitious, and another group of people who said they're lazy.

And they found that when the slackers decided to do the task, MRIs showed a LOT more activity in the part of their brain that controls actions.

That means that when a slacker decides to actually do something, their brain has to work a lot harder.  That leaves them less energy to do other stuff, which is why they're more likely NOT to want to do anything that takes effort.

Does that let Husbando off the hook? Definitely  not. He is 100% responsible for his own slackerdom.

Lazily yours,


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