This surprised me! I had no idea this was a thing. Apparently our local Kentucky Fried Chicken is a rarity! I was in one of my endless "internet holes" and somehow got onto some people who travel and write about food (lucky ducks).  You know how these things go.  Well, turns out, people in other parts of the country don't have a KFC with a buffet.

People are passionate about it.

Alas.., you will find at least one jewel in the proverbial dumpster. Folks, Roswell is home to an all-you-can-eat KFC buffet. Conducting subsequent research, I discovered specialty restaurants of the sort - in the same vein as this Chick-fil-A buffet - aren't all that aberrational. In fact, there are quite a few KFC buffets throughout the metro Atlanta area but by golly, this was the first such location my peepers had ever seen.

Like, really passionate.

It's the stuff of legends — the all-you-can-eat KFC buffet. Apparently, all you have to do is pay $8.99 and you can fill yourself with drumstick and mountains of mashed potatoes.


One new thing though- discovering that KFC has all you can eat buffets at some of its locations. This is mind boggling to me. Firstly because all you can eat fried chicken should NEVER be allowed into my life. That is unnecessary to say the least. My addiction to fried chicken does not need to advance to the all you can eat levels. But, alas- it has. And it’s lovely. Possibly the best thing you can spend $8 on… but I’d be open to hearing other people’s thoughts on that one.

It's a big deal to them.

All-you-can-eat fast food? The possibilities seem utterly endless. Can you fathom a towering volcano of mashed potatoes, deep fried chicken drumsticks, topped with corn and erupting with gravy? I can’t just yet, I have imagination of a matchbook covered in water. But you can bet I’ll be making a trek out to Banning to get a load of this unique fast food specimen. Why would I get anything else on the menu when I can eat everything, as many times as I want, for $8.99?

I had no idea. I guess I just grew up here and assumed that every other KFC had one because we had one.  But then, I have I ever been to KFC out of Sedalia?  Actually, probably not.  When I go out of town and we go somewhere to eat, I want to go somewhere that I can't go at home.  So that probably IS the only KFC I've ever been to.

But surely it can't be THAT rare, can it?  Well, I did my homework on this one, folks. There are 18, 875 KFC restaurants in the USA.  Only 178 of them have KFC's with a buffet.   That means for every one with a buffet, there a hundred or so without.  There are some states that don't have buffets at ALL, like West Virginia, Nevada, Alabama (amongst others).  But, there are some states that have A TON.  Of course you'd expect Kentucky to have the most, and they do, at 23.  But Tennessee is right behind 'em at 21. So basically it's feast or famine when it comes to a KFC buffet.

I'll show myself out.

Buffetly yours,

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