You guys, I'm an adult. I pay bills and stuff. But, I remember what it was like to be a kid here in Sedalia. And really, while they may have more electronics, most kids are pretty much the same. They do the same stuff we did.

1.  Rode the Train at Liberty Park.

It was always so exciting to get to the park on a Saturday morning, and see the little train running.  You'd cram as many of you as you could into one seat and try not to squish your finger.

2.  Got A Noseful of Water at Centennial Pool.

Swimming was always a bit deal in our childhoods.  We'd alternate pools - Mom would want to go to the one less crowded, we wanted to go the one that was packed.

3.  Tried to Get Lost on the Bothwell Lodge Trails.

Well, you'd try.  But you'd never quite get there.  There was always something out there like little rabbits or birds and tons of excellent sticks for sibling poking.

4. Got Sunburned at the Carnival at the Fairgrounds.

We all had the same goal when it came to fun at the Missouri State Fair.  We wanted to ride those rides. We wanted to ride ALL the rides.  Especially the ones that Dad said you were too little to go on.  I mean, sure, the fish were fun, and the food was good, and Otto is pretty great, but... Did you see that HUGE FERRIS WHEEL? Too bad it's not there this year.  But hey, maybe next year!

5.  Caught Fireflies From Your Yard in  Jar. 

Well, my Mom called them Lightening Bugs. There would always be a TON of those things all over our yard in the summertime.  It would take what felt like ages to cut the little holes in the top of the jelly jar.  It's a wonder we didn't get cut. You'd run all over the yard trying to catch them while the cicadas sang in the trees.  The one who caught the most was obviously the winner, but all you won was bragging rights. Your parents would try to count how many there were, but before long it was time to let them go and get to bed.

What would you add to the list?
Summerly yours,


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