So the other day I had a bad bout of the hiccups.  I tried several of my go to cures, nothing. I tried eating a dill pickle (that works sometimes),  nothing. I tried eating a spoonful of peanut butter (also works sometimes), nothing. I tried drinking some water, I tried holding my breath, I even Googled some hiccup cures and tried those.  But nothing worked! I had to just sit on my couch and wait, and about an hour later they finally just went away.  So I thought to myself, "Self, let's not do this again. There have to be better hiccup cures out there by now."

And being determined to find out, I reached out to you listeners!  You guys had some very interesting and new to me hiccup cures.

Christina G
Close your ears and take a drink of something

How do you close your ears, though? Like, put your fingers in them?

Robin B
I take a deep breath, close my lips, and swallow as many times as I can before I have to exhale the breath. It works every time for me.

Noted. Seems legit.

Connie G
Teaspoon of sugar

Beth G
Teaspoon (or more) of sugar

I've never heard of this, but this seems like something your Grandmother told you. Again, legit.

Valerie B
Pressure on the chest, have someone sit on it.

I don't know if I can do that! I'm only 5 foot 2!

Leland A
Fold a paper towel in half, put it over top of a glass of water, then drink the water through the paper towel… works for me every time

Megan A
Paper towel over cup, lean forward and drink from opposite side of cup somewhat upside down. Works like a charm!

Darryl G
Drink a glass of water with a wash rag over glass, drink water through the rag, old bar trick, it works

Okay, I'm gonna try some iteration of this one. Three suggestions is enough, I think.

Bill H
While in grade school I once had a substitute teacher who was Native American, who addressed my hiccup dilemma. She told me to close my eyes, hold my breath, and slowly count to ten while imagining the white tip of a foxes tail, focusing on that white portion of the tail while counting. Has worked for me ever since.

That is Fascinating. I totally wanna try that now. If it works,... wow. I wonder if it has to do with concentration?

Beth BC
My kids had a teacher that would ask them to hiccup for her. When asked to do it on demand, they couldn't. ‍♀️ We've used that technique many times over the years and it nearly always works the first time!

I've heard something similar with sneezes. I have tried that though, didn't work for me. Glad it works for you!

Anyways, was your hiccup cure listed here? Or do you have another suggestion?

Hiccupingly yours,

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