Talking is kind of my job.  It's part of what I do, anyway. I talk about stuff, I use my voice often for different things, etc.  So it might be surprising to know that when I'm not working, I'm not as talkative.  I can easily go for an hour or so without saying anything to Husbando when I'm home.  Sure, we talk, but I don't have to do it as much as you might think I would. I'm not really even that talkative as a person, really.  I guess that's my normal?  So this wouldn't apply to me, but I have something for those of you who might not know about your own conversation levels.

Is there someone at work who annoys you because they talk too much?  If the answer's no . . . is it possible it's YOU?  Here are four signs you talk too much.

1.  Everyone who sits near you at work wears headphones.  Some people do it so they can concentrate. And sure, music can help with that. I do that too, when I'm trying to write one of these blogs. But if a LOT of people around you have headphones on, you might be the REASON they can't concentrate.

2.  You're always the one who starts conversations.  It's a sign that people are trying to avoid talking to you, because they know you'll go on and on.

3.  They look at their phone while you're talking.  Which is a bad habit a lot of us seem to have these days.  So if someone does it once or twice, don't sweat it.  But if it happens a lot, it might be their way of trying to end conversations with you.

4.  You almost never answer a question in one or two sentences.  Like if someone asks what time it is, and you tell a story about the great deal you got on your watch . . . they probably don't care.

Well, I hope this makes some sense to people who might not be aware of their own chattiness.  And if you're too chatty, don't worry.  You'll be fine!

Yammeringly yours,


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