Of course, everybody loves a One Hit Wonder. 

They don't demand much from you, they just came, did their thing, and left.  Sometimes you hear about singers or musicians becoming other professions after their era came and went.  Sometimes they keep on going, and find their own niche fanbase.  Sometimes they go on package tours and you see them around from time to time. So anyway, here are some of my favorites over the years, no particular order.

1.  Semisonic - Closing Time.

I was kinda sad to see that they only had one big hit on the radio because they are actually a pretty good band.  Another great favorite of mine from them is a song called "Chemistry" if you wanna look it up.

2.  Jeannie C Riley- Harper Valley PTA.

Technically she had a few other records, but nothing came as even close to as successful as this one.  In the late sixties she kinda moved out of Country and into Gospel.

3. Nine Days - Absolutely.

If this doesn't scream out "late 2000s" to you, I don't know what does. I hear the main singer is a teacher now and apparently really happy to be out of the business.  I suppose it's less stress.

4.  Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts.

Funnily enough, I don't remember this song when it came out.  I found it again from an Andy Samberg movie called "Hot Rod".  If you've never seen it... you should. It's silly but very intentionally so. Stacey Q is one of those singers that kind of dropped out of the mainstream, but in the dance music world she had a lot of success.

5.Rixton - Me And My Broken Heart.

This came out about six years ago.  Very catchy stuff but none of their other singles really took off like this one.  Then, they straight up went on hiatus for like, five years, and came back with a different band name.  Now they're called Push Baby.  To be honest, I.... don't love that name.  Rixton sound classier.

Anyways, there's a little look inside my head for today.  What are some of your favorite One Hit Wonder songs?  Are there some singers/groups that you think deserved more?

Wonderingly yours,


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