Over 30% of online donations to charity happen in December, and there are a lot of great charities out there.  But there are also a lot that don't spend their money very well, or they're just straight up scams.  So you've gotta be careful.

WalletHub.com posted a list of the best charities to give to in different categories.  Here are five you might want to check out . . .


1.  If you want to help veterans, check out the Fisher House Foundation.


2.  If you want to help with community development, donate to the YMCA.


3.  If you want to help animals, PetSmartCharities.org is a good place to go.


4.  If you want to help kids get a better education, check out DonorsChoose.org.


5.  If you want to help get people off the streets, check out The National Alliance to End Homelessness at EndHomelessness.org.


6.  And if you want to help people in other countries, check out DirectRelief.org or ActionAgainstHunger.org.

Obviously there are a lot of other great charities out there too.  So just pick a cause, and make sure you do plenty of research before you donate.

If you ever feel like something might be a scam, or you want to know how a charity spends its money, check out CharityWatch.org and CharityNavigator.org.

Charitably yours,

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