It's finally fall . . . here are six reasons guys actually look better this time of year.

1.  Sweaters.  Sweaters have a way of somehow making ANY guy look more intelligent.

2.  Flannel shirts.  Flannel makes men look more rugged . . . especially if you roll up the sleeves.  Plus, they look good on pretty much any dude.

3.  Pea coats.  Every guy looks more sophisticated and better dressed in a nice pea coat.

4.  Movember.  It's the time of year where even guys who probably SHOULDN'T have mustaches and beards try to grow them.  And for the MOST part, it's a good idea.

5.  The weather.  Colder temperatures make women want to cuddle, it's just a fact.  And when it's cold out, guys just look warm.  While THEY might think it's lame, you don't have to do a thing.  So don't mess it up.

6.  They're not wearing sandals all the time.  Sorry guys, your feet are kind of nasty to look at in the summer.

What do you think?  What do you like to see your guy in?

Fallingly yours,

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