My dad recently got himself an Air Fryer. It's pretty neat!

I can smell him in his room, fryin up chicken or fries or whatever in it sometimes.  He asked me if I wanted one, and I said yes.. but I don't know where I'd put it!  That's the problem we have in our kitchen.  Sure, we have plenty of space, but... it's all taken up by stuff.  Stuff that we use maybe once in a blue moon.  Or once every year or something.  I wonder if I should get rid of some of it, but you know as soon as I do, I'm going to need to make chili for a charity event or something and won't have a Crock Pot.

So here are the things we have in the kitchen that we kind of need, but pretty much just take up counter space.

Surely we can't be the only ones who have this issue/dilemma, right?  You've got stuff in the kitchen you only use every  now and then, right?  And that's just stuff I can see.  We have super high ceilings in our house (hundred year old houses tend to do that), so there are cabinets that I literally cannot reach without a stepstool or by standing on the kitchen counter to get to. I think there's a milkshake maker up there.  But I haven't seen it in years, so it might be a myth.  Like Schrodinger's Cat, the milk shake maker remains in the cabinet.

What stuff do you have in the kitchen that you rarely use?  Do you have stuff in the kitchen that's just taking up space...but you can't get rid of it?

Kitchenly yours,


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