I'd like to think I'm pretty pop culture savvy.  I would LIKE to think that, anyway. But apparently I am out of the loop on a few things.  Like this, for example.

tuna no crust

If you can't read it, it says, Tuna.... No Crust.

Like, huh?  I mean, that's a pretty specific choice to make for your license plate frame. Does this person really just love sandwiches?  Do they really love tuna so much they had to put it on their car?  Should I get a frame that tells people how much I love pizza?  Wait.. it's not something dirty, is it?  To the internets!

Okay, so a quick Google told  me something I already know: I have not seen the majority of the Fast and the Furious movies. Not that I don't like a good action movie, they've just kind of flew under my radar.  I think I might have seen one, but if I did, it was because Husbando was watching it on the couch and I was half listening to it in the background.  He loves those movies, so he's in the majority, obviously. Apparently this is a major thing amongst fans of the movie, who also happen to be car enthusiasts as well.

So it's supposed to mean, "no duh" or something like that.  Apparently it's something Paul Walker said a lot in the movies.  You know what, I can get behind that.  I like doing that as well, having some reference to something I like on my person that someone else wouldn't necessarily get unless they were a fan.  Like my jacket.


If you know what those two things are (not related), then you probably also know we have something very amazing in common.  But if you don't, it's just a random button that some weird lady has on her work jacket.  I mean, sure, I'll wear a t-shirt every now and then with something I like on it, that's fine.  Usually if it's something pretty nerdy, most people won't know what it is anyway.  But that one.  That one that knows? Gold. And I kinda like the idea of someone having to work to get it. Which probably makes me even nerdier.

Did you know what the Tuna No Crust meant?  Do you have any little things you like to do to tip people off about things you like?

Crustingly yours,

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