On opening night, I went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi at the Capital 8 Theater in Jefferson City, Missouri. I got to the theater pretty early before the movie started to avoid lines and get a good seat, but a few minutes after sitting down, people were coming in filling every seat in the room. From the conversations around me lots of people were excited to see this movie. Before the movie even started the general manager had to come out to warn everyone not ruin the movie by talking and  to turn off our cellphones because this is important for everyone. We were also told to not talk about it as we exited the theater to keep from spoilers for those who are still going to see it. Of course my friends and I couldn't help myself talk about it right away.

I am a huge fan of Star Wars, ever since I was 6 when Star Wars Phantom Menace came out back in 1999. I was so in love with this movie that I had to watch the originals and fully get immersed into this world. That's why I was so excited that I had to watch the movie on opening night. George Lucas has always been an inspiration to me. How  amazing is it that one person was able to take one idea (which he thought would go nowhere in the beginning) to such an expanded universe that made books, TV shows, and toys.

Star Wars

This will be a spoiler free review of the movie. Star Wars The Last Jedi was directed by Rian Johnson. Johnson has not directed a lot of movies in his career yet. The most notable works he has directed were Looper, and 3 episodes of Breaking Bad. I think that Johnson did an amazing job on this movie. I think he took Star Wars in a great direction and did better than J.J. Abram's did with The Force Awakens. The biggest highlight in the movie to me was Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker. You can definitely see Hamill come back into his character naturally especially after 35 years since he played Luke from the original Star Wars series. Even though Hamill is old, and so is his character Luke, you can still see the youthfulness of the character that Hamill puts in the movie that makes Luke a special and important character to everyone. Of course, I was sadly reminded that this was Carrie Fisher's last movie she will ever be in. I do think that this movie makes a great tribute to both Fisher and her character Princess Leia reminding us how great she is as an actress and how important Leia is as a character. Fans love Fisher's work and you can see how much she loved doing what she did. To me, there are no small characters in this movie. Lots of times you will see how lots of these side characters actually makes a difference in the plot. This movie will actually give you a good reason why these people matter. What I think made this movie great, were the throwback references  that huge and long time fans would really appreciate. This movie is one of the darker episodes in the series and at times was hard not to shed a tear, although, helped that there were some light humor to help diffuse it.Looking at this movie as if  I was just getting into Star Wars, you defiantly would have to see the last Star Wars movie to understand what is going on, it would be very confusing for those to jump right into this movie.

This movie was really amazing, great graphics, camerawork, and the writing was perfect. There were some cracks in the plot if you actually went back and think over it but nothing big that will ruin the movie at all. I would recommend this movie to anyone and find out for themselves of what happens, you will not be disappointed.

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