I'm sure you can pick up what I'm gonna throw down here.  I'm sure you've met people like my Grandma. 

Some people are just... wound up tight, you know what I mean?  People who are sweet and nice and goodhearted, but they just have to have things their way a lot of the time.  That's what my Mom's Mom was like.  She grew up in tough times (the depression, 11 kids on one farm).  She got married young, got widowed young (World War II), and started out as a single mom on her own.  So I get that she went through it, and that manifested into being very particular.

She was very adamant that as kids, we didn't touch her very often, because we had "grubby hands". You know, like we'd get her dirty.  Which, really, as kids, she was probably right.  But still, when you're a kid and you get kind of insulted into washing your hands, it kind of stings.

Having said that though, she was particular, she was picky, but she was helpful and she was generous.  She took us to church a lot, and would be happy to take me and pick me up from school after the year I rode the bus. So now that I've kind of painted you a murky picture of what she was like, story time.

This was probably back in the 80's. We were in her car with my sister, going to a new friend's house, I think.  She didn't know my friend.  I don't remember what we were talking about, but I think it was about something with the tape player in her car.  She never did learn how to use it.  She bought herself some tapes (Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, and for some reason, Meat Loaf), and every so often she'd ask me to "change out the Nintendo", which in Grandma speak meant, please change the cassette tape out of my tape deck. I think we kids didn't like her music choices so much, and were probably complaining about it.  After a while, Grandma just said, "Silence is Golden."  Meaning, jeez kids, shut the heck up.

So I did.

For the rest of the drive.

Meaning I didn't say anything when she missed the turn.

When she realized it and started to turn back around, she looked over at me and said, "Why didn't you tell me I missed the turn?"

"Because you said, Silence is Golden."

I never did get another look on her face like that.  My sister was dying, she was laughing so hard.  I don't think Grandma ever let me forget that. She found it funny as well, but it was just one of those Kid Victory moments that you never really got with her.

What are some of your Kid Victory stories?  Surely there must be a funny moment here and there.

Silently yours,


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