Sometimes, Husbando cannot control his Chefy Impulses. 

Which is fine by me.  I mean, if he keeps wanting to re-invent the wheel every time he makes dinner, that's just great.  Go ahead.  I will eat all of it with my face. So this time, Husbando decided that he wanted to do a mac and cheese casserole type of thing.  Very healthy, I'm sure.


See how concentrated he is?  Such focus.


What makes this "fancy" to me is this part.  It's called a Bechamel Sauce. I'm not sure what's in it exactly, but I know from Food Network that it's a cream sauce you make and then add other stuff to.  He put in, like, six cheeses into this thing. I didn't even know we HAD six kinds of cheese but apparently we did.


And you can't have mac and cheese without the mac.  Or, well, you could, but it would just be cheese.  Not that cheese is at all anything bad.


YES, he put Dijon mustard in mac and cheese!  So fancy! And spices! Look at all the seasonings and jazz! If I'm making a mac and cheese it's probably just from the box. Not very exciting but it gets the job done.

What do you do to make weekday dinners more exciting? Give me some ideas, it's my night to cook.

Cheesily yours,


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