Husbando's great.  Don't get it twisted.  But he is WRONG.I'm a person who likes to think I can admit it when I'm wrong.  If I'm wrong, that is.  I try  not to express opinions about things if I don't know what I'm talking about.  But when I'm right and I KNOW I'm right, oh man, you have to know.

Husbando was driving to Jefferson City this week to go to his weekly Bocce game (it's a thing).  He was driving down 65 Highway, and texted me (don't do that, texting while driving is bad, kids).  It went like this:

Him:  When did they tear down 65 diner or 63 diner whatever it is

Me: I don't think they did.

Then, he calls me immediately and stresses that he just saw that there's construction everywhere, the cafe is nowhere to be seen.  I asked him if he it's a bare lot, then can he see the storage buildings on the Premiere Portable Buildings lot?  He reitirated that the cafe is gone.  I told him he probably saw the construction for Nucor, and missed the cafe, which is further down the road.  No, he swears, it's gone.

So what did my petty self do? I went out there, on my lunch break, to take pictures of the building because I knew it was there.   


I knew in my very heart of hearts that it was still there and that he was wrong. My pettiness was at peak levels here. I even made sure to take pictures of the cars that were in the parking lot, because he might counter with "But it's closed down, isn't it?"


NO, it is not.  You're wrong, and I'm right.  For once. I will enjoy my petty, petty victory.

Aaaah yes, this is what marriage is really all about.  Please excuse me, I have to play a song for myself. Maybe I'll take him to Clara's North 65 Cafe this weekend for a nice, big ol' slice of humble pie.


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