I've never had a special or "vanity" license plate. I see them all the time around town, though. It made me wonder just how many there are, and what are the rules, anyway? I mean, I'm sure you can't just put ANYTHING on your plate.  So I looked it up! According to the Department of Revenue site,

 No personalized license plates shall be issued containing any letters, numbers, or combination of letters and numbers which are obscene, profane, patently offensive or contemptuous of a racial or ethnic group, offensive to good taste or decency, or would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety of the applicant, or other users of streets and highways, or of the public in any location where the vehicle with such a license plate may be found. Any license plates that are inadvertently issued may be recalled. The department will not issue license plates that conflict with the regular license numbering system.

So...it makes me wonder what people tried to get through.  Did you know there's a plate checker? Because there is.  I managed to find a few banned plates, so here we go.

1.  H1TMAN

Why would you want that on your license plate? Are you advertising services? Maybe you're trying to scare a road rager?

2.  LUC1FR

Well, this one would certainly make things easier for Sam and Dean.


Are you six years old? Why are you so passionate about your dried snot that you want the whole world to think about it?

4.  1MDRNK

This is just asking for trouble.  "Hey, officer, could you and every single one of your other policemen please pull me over every two blocks? Thanks."


..........I hope you're not driving naked.  This isn't Florida.


While I do know that Wu Tang ain't nothin' to F with, and I will be protecting my neck, I think that's copyright infringement.  Don't make Ol' Dirty Bastard come back down here to scold  you.


So, you're a vampire.  Great. Thanks, goth guy.  Thanks for letting me know who to never talk to in all of the days of my life.

8.  C00T1E

I guess this is... a cautionary plate?  "Look out, girls, I have cooties!"

9.  CUBH8R

I know there's some very heated rivalries in baseball, but come on.  They have enough trouble without you bringing your Altima into this.

10.  BRDP00

Are you just... telling me you have some on your car? Do you just never wash it? Or is the bird poo what's holding your jalopy together? I have no idea. Again, who is this passionate about bird poo?  "Hey, I've just gotta let people know how much I care about the fecal matter of birds! This is URGENT!"

Do you have a specialty license plate? Why did you pick that one? What are some of the strangest ones you've seen?

Platingly yours,

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