You know, I'm pretty lucky in several ways, and this just cemented it.

I was randomly Googling health stuff (something I do from time to time, don't get suspicious) and I saw the results of a survey from a few years ago.  Apparently there are different ages when people start having random pains, that aren't necessarily caused by an injury, but just because you're getting older.

Headaches and migraines start at 24.

Back pain starts at 33.

Knee problems start at 37.

The first gray hair shows up at 39.

Joint pain or arthritis starts at 40.

And hot flashes start at 50.

You know what, I'm  in my forties now.... .and I only have a few gray hairs. None of the ailments on the list are problems of mine. I don't have  headaches or back pain or knee problems or joint pain.  NONE OF IT.  It sounds depressing to hear that people have those problems, but... for me, if something hurts it's because I smacked it on something I shouldn't have.  And believe me, when you're a klutz, that happens.  But, I don't get random pains for no reason.  So I suppose that's a silver lining, right? Or wait, maybe I'm jinxing myself.  Maybe now all the pains will come to me! Oh criminy.  Maybe I should stock up on Icy Hot or something.

Do you get pains in your body from getting older? Is it genetic, or is it a consequence?  What do you do to fight it?  Or are you just resigned to your painful fate?

Painlessly yours,

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