t's Casual Friday!  At least in your world . . . in my world, every day is Casual Friday.  Anyway, in honor of Casual Friday, here are the results of "ShopSmart" magazine's survey about women and jeans.

 The average woman owns SEVEN pairs of jeans . . . but only wears FOUR.  I think I own two pairs, and wear one.  Yeah.

 91% of women own at least one pair of jeans.  25% of women own more than 10 pairs. One out of every two women has a pair of "inspirational" jeans that don't fit now . . . but she hopes will fit one day.

 62% use their jeans as a measurement to tell if they've gained weight.  54% of women like the way they look in jeans.  8% absolutely HATE the way they look in jeans.

 The average woman says her oldest pair of jeans is six years old.  But 20% of women have a pair of jeans that's at least ten years old.  I think I'm in that latter category.

 Women typically wash their jeans after wearing them two or three times.  (In contrast to men, many of whom still haven't realized that jeans are washable.)  Women say the worst offense in jeans is having your thong showing.  Number two is a muffin top . . . number three are jeans that are way too tight . . . number four are jeans with inconveniently-placed holes . . . and number five are Mom Jeans.

 Leave me and my Mom Jeans alone!

What do you think? Does your workplace do a "casual friday"?

Casually yours,

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