Admittedly, I might live under a rock.  Well, I do.  Let's just be real. I don't go out much.  I go to work early, I go home early, and I like my couch a lot.  I'm not really a person that wanders around town much, to be honest.  So I hadn't been by the post office in probably... six months?

But then I pulled up there to buy some stamps (I rarely end up  mailing stuff out, most of my bills are paid online).  First of all, I should have known it would be packed, it's the holiday season.  But then I saw it... a new four way stop.  It even has a little yellow sign that says "NEW" on top of it.  I've never seen that little sign before, but then, as I said... rock.  Underneath.

But you know, it might be a good thing. That area is so easily congested.  Usually traffic moves pretty quickly through there, and the lines aren't too bad - even if you have to park on the street because there are too many cars. With all the cars on the street and people trying to get into the cramped parking lot, it's probably a good idea to force things to slow down a little bit there.

SO, am I indeed behind the times? How long has it been there?  Do you like it? Have you ever seen those little "NEW" signs on traffic signs? It's okay if I'm weird, that's par for the course, really.

Signageinly yours,


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