Wondering if you're the only person who wakes up confused why you keep dreaming about sweet, sweet MURDER? Well, you're NOT . . . if you live in Montana.

There's a group on Facebook called Dreams Cloud where people submit their dreams for interpretation. And they analyzed the most common things people dream about in each state.

Well, the most common words that showed up in people's descriptions of dreams, anyway. I'm not sure you can draw any conclusions from the results. How many of us have sent our dreams to this site for interpretation?  Like, nobody. But it's still fun to look at.  I admit I'll Google what my dreams might mean every now and then.

And of course my mind to find out what we in Missouri dream about.  I was so surprised to find out our dreams are in the gutter! The most perverted states are Missouri, where the most common word that shows up is SEX. And Utah, where the most common dreams are about breasts.  I can't believe us here in Missouri!!

The scariest states are Maine, where the most common word that shows up is screaming. And Montana, where the most common dream is about friends . . . and the second most common dream is about MURDER.

It's a tough call which state dreams about the funniest thing, but I think maybe it's either Nebraska, where the most common dreams are about piglets . . . or Idaho, where the most common dreams are about Japanese writing.

A few other interesting results are: Alabama . . . high school. Alaska . . . magic. Arizona . . . bedroom. Delaware . . . speeding. Florida . . . bathroom. Iowa . . . angels. Kentucky . . . ex-boyfriend. Louisiana . . . drugs. Mississippi . . . cheating.

And a few states didn't have ANY data . . . Arkansas, North Dakota, and Vermont. Either because they don't dream that much, or people there have better things to do than analyze their dreams online.

Dreamily yours,

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