I'm sure you've seen the advertisements on social media for sample boxes.  Basically there are about seven thousand companies that will take foods and box them up for you and mail them to your house. We've tried a couple in our house.  We did Try The World for a while, where they send you foods and cooking ingredients from different countries.  We still have quava paste in our pantry. Untouched.  That was part of the problem, while it was very neat to see, when was I ever gonna use some of these ingredients? So, I decided to switch tactics and try some snack foods! That's something we definitely eat in our household.  And, no cooking! Bonus! So, I assembled a group of elite snackers, and we decided to give it a whirl.  We'll get a new box every month from a different country, and tell you all about it!  This month's box is from... Poland!

We also went around the office to have some of the Non Squad members try the snacks.  Overall, the top favorites were the paprika peanuts and the chocolate covered pretzels.

So, what do you think? Would you like to try some of these? Would you AVOID any of these at all costs?  If you want to join us on our Snackventures, you can sign up at Universal Yums.  It's not expensive, maybe $15 bucks a month.

Stay tuned, Sedalia, I think we might have Spain up next month.

Snackily yours,

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