Get used to it, it'll be there for a while. 


Ahh, snow mountain.  You're probably the biggest pile of dirty snow I've seen in town! I'm not mad at you, though.  You're a metaphor for what we've gone through these past few weeks, and what we will be going through with colder weather coming.

I drive by you almost every day, and every day I ask myself when you're gonna melt away.  I think you're probably gonna stay with us well into February, but I can't be sure. I wonder if anything is hiding inside of you? Maybe I should ask the guys from Oak Island to come by and check you out.  There could be hidden treasure under all that snow!

Nah, probably not. Seriously, though, that thing is huge.  I'm sure the snow removal people did the best they could, after all.  We got too much snow! Where are you going to put it all? In a big snow mountain, of course. We had a few nice snow molehills here at the station, but they've mostly melted down.  The big pile though, that will obviously take longer to melt.  I wonder if it'll make it to Valentine's Day?

What do you think? What's your guess for when the snow mountain at the State Fair Shopping Center will melt away?

Snowingly yours,

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