As it gets colder and colder, it's easier to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Partly because of seasonal affective disorder, since you don't get as much sun.  But also because it just gets too friggin' COLD.  With the weather today, being kinda extra dark and a little bit rainy and cold.... that ain't helpin nobody. And according to a new survey, the number one thing that lifts our mood during the colder months is . . . a HUG.  Here's the full top ten.


1.  A hug

2.  Hanging out with friends

3.  Going for a walk

4.  Listening to music

5.  Watching your favorite TV show

6.  One-on-one time with your significant other

7.  A call or text from a friend

8.  Comfort food*

9.  Coffee

10. A call or text from a relative.


A stiff drink was 13th . . . a hot bath was 15th . . . and exercise was 16th.   I don't know about that, exercise.  I'm skeptical of you.  Most of the stuff  on the list, sure.  Who doesn't like a nice hug? Well, assuming it's from someone you know.  Maybe we should narrow that down to someone you know and like.  I don't know if a random hug from, say, the guy in front of you at the Tacos El Arca truck would be a great idea.  A hug from your mom or dad, that's different.

I don't know how this disintegrated into an assessment of who is and who isn't appropriate for hugging, but you get it.  What are some of the things you do to put you in a better mood on days like today?

Huggingly yours,






*Bacon, ol' buddy, you still got it.

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