I was lost in another one of my random internet rabbit holes the other day when I stumbled upon something that at first, kinda grossed me out.

I'll admit, I knee jerk judged it.  It's a place in Independence, right here in Missouri, and it's a hair museum.  Yep.  A museum about hair.  At first glance, I thought, how weird.  What do they do, take samples of people's hair and just, like, showcase different colors and styles?  Are there just a bunch of creepy mannequins with wigs made out of hair? How on earth do you curate a museum about people's hair?  Well, turns out it's actually pretty rich in history.  It's called Leila's Hair Museum.  I found a clip on YouTube that takes a tour of the place!

Turns out, people have been using hair in art for hundreds if not thousands of years.  They take pieces of hair, weave them into intricate pieces, and in some cases,  you might not even know it's actual human hair.  Leila's an expert in all of it, and was a hair dresser for six years before she started collecting pieces.  People have used them to commemorate loved ones that have died, to celebrate monuments and all sorts of different occasions.  It's actually pretty cool once you get into it.  So yeah, the shock might be a little bit at the beginning, but..... once you hear about all the creativity and love and history behind it all, it's pretty awesome!

Anyway, if you want to find out more about Missouri's hair museum, you can always visit their Facebook page or their website. I'm not entirely sure they're open all the time (probably because of the pandemic) but maybe you could arrange a tour one weekend. It looks pretty cool to me, anyway!

What's your favorite museum you've been to? Have you ever been to a novel museum like this one?

Hairingly yours,

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