Planning to leave your job next year and find something out there that's Magical and perfect and doesn't feel like it's slowly murdering your soul?  Pay attention to THIS.

Not that I'm an expert or anything, but hey, I've got a job, so that counts, right?

Here are the top five things that will INSTANTLY make an employer reject you.


1.  A very unprofessional email address on your resume, like


2.  Not following the application instructions.  If it says you need a resume in pdf form, submit a pdf, not a Microsoft Word document.


3.  You should know this by now . . . but pretty much all companies are checking your social media profiles these days.  So lock them down, use a fake name, get rid of everything inappropriate on them . . . or even delete them.


4.  Showing up even one minute late to an interview is bad . . . but showing up super early also looks bad.  It just makes the interviewer uncomfortable.  Getting there about 10 minutes early is just right.


5.  Admitting you don't have any passion for the industry, the job, or the company.  In this era, they WILL be able to find someone who's passionate.  So, if you're not passionate, either don't apply for the job or lie.

If you are looking for a new gig next year, I wish you all the luck in the world! What's something you think got you rejected from a job?

Applyingly yours,


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