So from time to time I look at random real estate listings just because, you know, the internet.  Sometimes I do it just to dream about moving to a nice house (not that mine is bad, but does it have a double sink and a walk in closet? No.) or just to be a little nosy.But this house, you guys.  THIS HOUSE.  It's in Fayette, it's a two bedroom, two bath house for about $350k.  Let's explore, shall we?



Yes, you are correct my friend!  That charming little house with the two bedrooms is also connected to a 2500 sq ft legitimate jail with 9 CELLS, booking room and 1/2 bath. JAIL CELLS.  IN A HOUSE. That is... amazing.  I can just imagine the parents out there wanting to lock up their unruly teenagers (JOKES)!

Anyway, yes, this is 100% real, and you can check out the rest of the photos and maybe even buy it yourself here.

Can you imagine the killer Halloween party you could have here?  Or like, just a huge raging sleepover?  So fun.  I bet it served a real purpose at some point, like maybe the Sheriff or something used to live there and over time it just stayed the way it was? Anyway, I had fun looking at it.

Arrestingly yours,

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