Now don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to buy a car. 

I'm more than happy with my little vehicle. It goes to and fro and stops when I ask it to.  I hardly even drive it, to be honest. I go from home, to work, maybe the store, and back home.  I've had it for a few years now and I still haven't broken 30k miles on it.  BUT, having said that, it's fun to look, isn't it?

So I happened along to Ebay, and I found something interesting. Honestly, this looks like Professor Farquar's little vehicle that he brings to the Missouri State Fair every year.  And you could have one, too!

And the best part?  You do all the buying online!  This seller has 100% positive feedback from their  online sales, so that's a bonus.  A little sigh of relief, if you will. The seller says they're in Columbia, but they have some cars in California.  This one in particular is in what looks like their personal garage in Columbia. You have to pay for the shipping, but if you're a classic car person, you were probably betting on that. Considering this thing actually runs and is in this good a condition, their asking price isn't too crazy.  Now, do I have 15 grand to plunk out on a car from 1917? No.  But you might!  And maybe you can Professor Farquar can team up this summer at the Fair!

It's so amazing what you can buy online these days. Now you can buy a little piece of history right down the road from us. If you want to contact the seller or check out the ad, you can click here.  Talk about stepping up your classic car game.

Classically yours,


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