I know it can get frustrating out there. Every time I get cut off by somebody turning left on Limit or something (after I throw my hands up), I remind myself that everyone has bad days.

It happens.  Sometimes you just do stuff and you don't even realize you were a jerk until like, days later.  And then if you're like me, you sit on it and remember it every time you can't sleep or get stuck waiting at the doctor's office.

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Well, just like everyone else, you have good moments, too. And I thought I'd share a few here that I saw on social media.  They're just little good deeds that really meant a lot to the people involved.

First, here's the story of Carrie and Lori. 

attachment-carrie and lori

If you can't read that or the image won't load, here's what happened.  Carrie had just bought a new piece of furniture, and discovered after the fact that it wouldn't fit in her vehicle.  Lori was in the parking lot, saw they  needed help, offered to take it to Carrie's house in the back of her truck.  She did it just to be nice and wouldn't even take gas money as compensation. What a nice thing to do!  She went above and beyond to help and it was truly appreciated.  I hope the futon really brings the room together.

Next, the story of Ian.


From what I can gather from the post and the comments, Ian was having some troubles with his diabetic levels.  His blood sugar was super low. He needed a quick snack to help right his sugars.  He wasn't thinking clearly though, and thought he'd forgotten his wallet when it was really in his car.  The nice lady just bought him an OJ so he could get back to normal without a second thought. She pulled him out of a panic attack with just one simple act of kindness.

And finally, the story of Chastity. 


Sedalia Parks and Recreation just had a big event for Christmas in July.  Of course lots of people were there, and sometimes in the hustle and bustle of an event like that, you can leave something behind.  In this case... it was an expensive something.  So rather than have it be lost for good, Chastity turned in the watch to the SPD.  She could have pocketed it and regifted it, she could have sold it online, she could have just left it there for it to get rained on.  She didn't, though.  She did the right thing and according to the Police, the rightful owner got their watch back.

So you see, sometimes, we're nice to each other. Sometimes, we help somebody just because we'd want somebody to help us.  And sometimes.... that's worth noticing. I hope you'll do a little act of kindness for a Sedalian when you have a chance.

Nicely yours,

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