You don't smoke, eat junk food, or drink too much.Or maybe you do.  I'm not here to judge.   But there are some unhealthy things that pretty much EVERYONE does on a daily basis.  Here are three random ones you've probably done in the last hour.


1.  You touched your face.  The average person does it four times an hour.  Which is bad for your skin, and causes pimples.  More importantly, it exposes your mouth and nose to more bacteria and germs.


2.  You didn't get up and walk around.  By now, you know that sitting all day can lead to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  But here's another reason to break the habit. A recent study found that as you age, sitting for hours on end significantly increases your risk of being DISABLED.  After age 60, every hour you spend sitting down each day increases your chances of becoming disabled by 50%.


3.  You had to pee, but held it in.  Every once in a while won't hurt you.  But if you hold it in a LOT, it can cause bladder infections.  And over time, it can also weaken those muscles.  Meaning someday you might NOT be able to hold it in.


A little surprising, eh? I wouldn't have thought that touching your face is so bad, but that's probably why my face is always angry at me.

Do you do any of these things on the list?  What do you do every day that you know probably isn't good for you?

Healthily yours,


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