There's something about us as humans, we sometimes only see what's wrong. And it's not hard to see, don't get me wrong. With the horrible shootings that happened in Florida this week, and constant bickering and complaining online... it can be hard to see the bright side.

I know for me, I've been a pessimist most of my life. I have often been down on myself and not let myself see what good I've done. I only saw the thing I didn't do right. And that attitude can bring you down very easily, and when you're down, it's hard to see any good in the world.

So that's why I'm happy to see that National Random Act of Kindness day is tomorrow. Sure, we celebrate it on a different day than the New Zealanders who started it, but I don't mind. I know a lot of people (myself included) sometimes have a little giggle about some of the "national days" we see pop up in our news feed. National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day (March 13), National Paper Bag Day (July 12), National Walk Around Things Day (April 4), sure. Those are strange and a little silly. You think to yourself, "Why on Earth do we need that?!"

But this one, I think we need this one.

Everyone has their own struggles. Whether you're having problems with your health, your relationship, your job, your kids, your parents, your vehicle, your money struggles, your time management, we've all got 'em. It can be very overwhelming. And sure, we all try our best, but sometimes that overwhelmed feeling can turn into something negative towards someone else. It's human nature, and I've tried to learn to not take it personally. I try not to assume that someone else is innately bad or evil just because they had a curt word for me or because they shared something hateful on social media. Heck, family members have blocked me social media and I try not to take THAT personally. I figure, they must have their reasons.

But everyone could use a little something every now and then to remind each other that underneath all that, underneath all the worry and anger and stress and frustration, we all want the same thing. We all want to be happy and healthy and be able to surround ourselves with the people we love. It can be so hard to remember that, but it is also so easy to remind each other.

That's what I think tomorrow could be about. We can all do a little something - maybe you'll hold the door for someone, or you'll pick up a pen they dropped, or you'll pay for someone's drink at the drive thru, or maybe you'll de-escalate a petty argument on social media, or check in on an elderly neighbor. Taking a second to really just do something nice for someone else with no expectation of reciprocation is called altruism. It's not dead. It's a real thing and this can remind us to do a little better. If nothing else, at least for one day.

But I hope it goes further. I hope it goes all  year. I hope it goes every day. I know that's probably naive, but I don't care. I'm going to try, at least.

Hopefully yours,


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