When I was growing up, I had three grandparents. I have a lot of memories of rides to and from church, playing out back with the dogs, and,.. well, eating over the sink.  The maternal and paternal sides of the family were very different.

And with things being so different these days, I'm sure every family wants as much together time as possible, in a safe environment.  That's why the Grandparent's Brunch with the Sedalia Parks and Recreation is going to be so much fun for your family. It's going to be held on September 11th, and here's what the Parks and Rec say they're going to have going:

On this day we will be observing National Grandparents Day and honoring our grandparents. We invite children and their grandparents to join us for our 3rd annual GRANDparents Day Brunch! Brunch will be served from Chris’ Cakes, crafts, photos, a magician, and FUN while celebrating those special grandparents in our lives!

It'll be held that morning from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  It's only ten bucks, and really that's you paying for the food.  The rest of it is just family fun.  I mean, you're getting to do crafts together, you get photos, and a MAGIC SHOW.  I don't know if they've had that part in the past, but that sounds like fun to me, and I'm not even a grandparent. I imagine though, that my Dad's Mom would have LOVED this kind of thing.  She did all sorts of little crafts with us kids (remember those little beads you would iron together to make little characters or shapes? That's a fuzzy memory but it's there).

Now the thing is, you can't just show up. They only have so many spots, so you have to pre-register, but that's super easy. Register online at www.sedaliaparks.com or by calling 660-826-4930.  And you have to do it by September 3rd, I imagine because they have to sort out how much to bring supplies/food wise.  So get the family together and sign up for some Grand fun.  It could be a story the kids tell for decades!

Craftily yours,


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