As we're spending more time eating at home, and with the warm/hot weather here to stay for a few more months, it's the perfect time to grill! I believe the best thing you can do when you find a new recipe and/or a new way to grill your favorite foods, we should share it for all to see!

We've spent enough time indoors. Now is the time to get out in the sunshine and enjoy some natural vitamin D. While you're at it, stoke up the charcoal grill or turn on that propane and get the grill hot!

Sometimes you run across some crazy ideas and recipes for food on the grill but this is one of the craziest ones I've run across in awhile.

We love to grill. It's the Midwest. We've grown up watching our parents doing it and now we carry on the tradition. If burgers are your favorite, this is for you!

According to an article in the Readers Digest, this is a simple trick to make your burgers to-die-for. 

When making your burger patties, put an ice cube in the middle of the burger. Wrap the meat around it and then throw it on the grill. That's ice cube!

A lot of times when we grill hamburgers, they have tendency of drying out especially if you over-cook them. The moisture from the ice cube will help to keep the meat moist when they're cooking on the racks.

So try it out and see if this trick makes a difference on your next cookout.

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