They always tell you when you're a teenager that things will get better. And yeah, some things have gotten better as I get older.  I've made peace with the mess that is my hair, and I'm learning to treat myself a little better.  But something has been a recurring problem now for about fifteen years, and it's just annoying.

I have a skin condition called rosacea.  Basically it means that my face is red, like, all the time.  You can cover it up with makeup, sure, but that doesn't make it go away.  So it looks like I'm blushing twenty four hours a day.  I've tried creams, gels, face masks, you name it.  Nothing really tames it.  Of course it doesn't help now that since I'm really old I have to take pills to right my hormones, which make my face break out.

Great.  It's like puberty all over again, only this time I'm not in high school. I try not to be self conscious about it, after all, I have a job that requires people to hear and read rather than see.  And honestly, I'm just too lazy in the mornings to put on makeup anymore.  So I kind of have to deal with it and just live with it.  I don't like it, but I do.

But know, if you do see me out somewhere -not likely unless you go to Woods like, once a week like me,  I'm fine.  I'm not embarrassed, although I might be hot.  If my cheeks are red, it's just because they're red, guys.  I swear, I wash my face with special stuff every day, but I still have the redness. It doesn't hurt or burn or anything, though, so I'm okay.  I just look like a tomato with acne.

Do you have any "harmless" conditions like this?  Surely I can't be the only one.

Reddingly yours,


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