I feel like I don't know anything these days. 

I mean, I feel like I would fail spectacularly if I were asked to do certain tasks. I've been shown how to change a tire at least seven times and I am 100% sure if my tire went flat right now, I would call my Dad.

The same man who has shown me to do this.

I taught myself some things in life, sure. I learned how to balance a checkbook. But do the young people even USE checkbooks anymore? I doubt it. I can't do my taxes. Husbando does that for me, even though he hates it and always starts swearing. I took an industrial arts class but I'm sure I couldn't make you a clock or an ice scraper. I can kind of sew, but certainly not knit.

I took a first aid course, but it wasn't in school.  I kinda learned to cook on my own, but later in life Food Network taught me stuff. But I couldn't POSSIBLY begin to do things like home repairs or car repairs, I can barely handle yard work.

What are some of the things you haven't been taught that would be useful?

Uselessly yours,

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