Everyone's thought about what THEY'D do if THEY had a restaurant.  It's got to be one of the most common fantasies ever.

So . . . what's your best "If I had a restaurant" idea?  Here are five of the best ones I've thought about, anyway.

1.   A hangover diner.  Comfort food, no loud noises, and you're served Gatorade instead of water.

2.  Tapas, American style.  In other words, everything would be small plates . . . but American appetizers like cheese sticks and onion rings.  AND CHICKEN WINGS.

3.   An 'American Gladiators'-style restaurant.  Straight outta the eighties, baby! You can either pay, or try to escape past the staff without paying.  But if they catch you, you pay double.

4. A create-your-own pancake place . . . kind of like Chipotle but you stuff your pancakes as you go down the line.

5.   A restaurant that opens for happy hour, serves drinks until last call, then switches to breakfast until it closes at noon.  I'd call it Flapjack Daniels.

And, of course, I still think there should be a restaurant named "I Don't Care", because you could have EVERY COUPLE there every friggin night.

What's your idea?  What's your best "If I had a restaurant" idea?

Foodily yours,



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