Things happen.  People have families, people get sick, sometimes you can't make it to work. I get it.  So when that happens, me being a team player, I jump in and help. That means that I sit up front here at the radio stations, answer the telephones, greet people and give them their prizes, etc.  I do the rest of my regular blogging and transmitter reading malarkey, it's not that much different. It means I can't hide in my office while doing so.

Of course, yesterday was the slowest day ever.  No phone calls. No people coming in. No problems, no excitement, nothing.  The Slowest Day Ever. So I decided to document my torturous boredom for your entertainment.

Here is my snack. The girls got these for me.  They're these delicious little rice crackers from Japan.  I like them enough I actually looked up recipes to make them at home, but it looks pretty complicated, so... we'll see.


Yep, there's the phone that's not ringing.  Yep.


And there's my blog post not being written.  It can be hard to come up with ideas. After awhile, it can feel like the screen is staring back at you.  Mocking you.


That's the actual receptionist desk.  My area is an impostor.


Sooooooooooo, yeah.  Transmitter logs.  Water bottle.  Super exciting, right?


And at this point, I only had four hours to go!   It's times like these that I am grateful for the internet, and in particular for YouTube.  There are so many things on the internet to entertain me, even though it's always kind of dangerous to goof off at work.  Normally I would not condone such behavior, but I literally had no work to do. I'm a monkey that pushes buttons and talks in the morning. I don't know how to do her work.  I was there just in case something was needed.  So what was I going to do?  Stare at the phone?  Stare at the door?  Stare into the abyss of not having a good blog idea?

I ended up doing all that anyway.  And you, sweet reader, came with me.

Here's hoping I never run out of "Reddit Asks" or "Kids Try" videos.

Boringly yours,



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