THIS is exactly why you should always slide down the dinosaur and peddle your car home with your feet as SOON as your work day's over.According to a new study out of University College London, working 11 hours or more on a daily basis will KILL YOU. They found that people who work that many hours have a 67% higher risk for developing coronary heart disease than people who work seven or eight hours.

There was such a high connection between long work hours and heart disease that the researchers believe it's on the same level as other more common predictors like cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and smoking.

Working the graveyard shift is cool if it fits your lifestyle.  It's NOT cool if you're working the graveyard shift AFTER you already worked all day long.

A new study just came out that proved, once again, that Americans have become insane workaholics where even people in Japan would probably be like, "Whoa, pump the brakes, bro." One in four Americans work between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.  That includes people working the graveyard shift . . . but also includes people who answer work email or do projects when they're home for the night.

One in three Americans work on weekends.

People who already work crazy amounts, like 60 hours a week, are more likely to ALSO put in extra time at home. The people who work late at night are most likely to be the people at a company who are making the LOWER SALARIES.

So what's the deal, guys?! What's your work schedule like?

Workingly yours,


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