I'm not saying you should lie on your resume.  Plus, I'm not positive an interviewer is going to believe you took a sabbatical from Harvard to be Ryan Gosling's abs double . . . but you just MIGHT get away with it.


A new study found that at least one in three companies don't bother to do background checks on people who apply to jobs . . . which means you've got a decent shot at sneaking a lie past them.

The areas they rarely look into are your educational experience and whether you're actually certified in the skills you say you are.

The study also found 31% of people know someone who told a major lie on their resume and wound up getting the job they wanted.

Of course, if you DO get caught in a lie, you won't get the job . . . and if you do get the job and they find out down the road that you lied, you could get fired on the spot.  Plus, you know, karma never forgets.

Be honest, children.

Resumingly yours,

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