Last week, I did a blog post asking about your favorite tattoo artists here in Sedalia.I let things run for a while, and now that the weekend is over, it seems appropriate enough now to count the votes!  I gotta say, the crowd was pretty biased towards one certain shop.  Maybe the other shops just don't have customers who are online as much? I dunno. I'm sure everyone is great, though, and I will never question that. But here's your favorites!

1.  Adam Templeton, Stay True Tattoo

2.  Bekka Monson O'Dell/Holly Branch, Stay True Tattoo {TIED}

3.  Billy Welch, Stay True Tattoo

4.  Charles Nicks, Skin Thieves

5.  Brody Debates, Stay True Tattoo

Congratulations to everybody, and thanks to all of you who voted in the comments.

Artistically yours,

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