I don't know about you guys, but when I was twenty years old, I knew everything.

One hundred percent, without a doubt, all encompassing everything.  Didn't we all, though? I mean, that's kind of part of life.  You never know just how much you don't know.  In fact, that might be the most wisdom I've got to offer - I know I don't know ANYTHING.  Well, at least I don't now.  Like I say before, when I was twenty, there were no boundaries to my endless knowledge.

Joking sarcasm aside, it was something I decided to ask you guys on our social media the the other day about this very topic.


And honestly, with ya'll, I was expecting a bit more snark.  You guys don't hold back when it comes to giving me the business.  But this time, I was surprised by a lot of thoughtful, real answers.

Some of you wanted to be encouraging to the young people, to try to help them figure out their own minds.

Letting other people hold them back from being the truest version of themselves. Have fun in your 20s. Also, don't make stupid financial decisions because you'll spend your 30s rebuilding your credit when you should be more stable.


Kyle L
Your 20’s are about making mistakes to learn from and become a wiser person when u hit your 30’s

Some of you were more practical, and wanted to keep their money sorted.

Robert B
buy life ins.
start a retirement fund.


Beth BC
Not saving money for their future. Life happens and work won't always be there providing a steady income.

Some of you wanted to advise the young people to just stop and listen sometimes.

Not listening to their parents about life and money situations. 😉

And others wanted to be sure they were thinking not just about the here and now, but the future they'll be looking forward to.

Jamey N Sandy S
Not learning a skill set. Not thinking what 30 or 40 year old them want.


Steve K
Thinking they'll live forever.

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Sure, thinking ahead is important too, but you have appreciate the here and now and don't take that for granted, either.

Deana T
Thinking that they have enough time to go around - tell people you love them, spend time with them while you can, because there is no guarantee that there will be a next time.

Well, and sometimes... there's that guy you shouldn't have married.

Samantha G
My (then) husband

So there you have it young people. Try to learn from school and listen to your parents, think about your future financially, but appreciate the here and now... and don't take yourself too seriously. That's the jist I got of the advice, that is. Oh, and don't marry that guy.

Any advice you'd like to add that we missed? Share it below!
Advisingly yours,

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