So I know that you know,  if you're a pet owner, that they have their own individual personalities. 

They have their likes and dislikes.  One cat loves cheese. The other generally doesn't like human food.  One likes to sit on the couch.  The other likes to sit near me.  One loves to get brushed.  The other does not. Sometimes they get too excited, sometimes they get a little bratty, sometimes they're just lovey dovey.  You get it.

And over the years, I have provided for these animals as necessary.  Food, water, litter boxes, veterinary care, and of course, entertainment. There's a whole box of toys that they have.  Every now and then I'll pick up the toys and put them back in the box, but it's okay that they get them out and play  with them again.  But there are some.... some that always just stay in the box.  And then I catch them playing with their kibble or something. So what's the deal, animals? Why are you playing with a fruit snack wrapper or a piece of kibble or an old face mask that I'm using as a kitchen rag? Why aren't you playing with the toys you have?  Well.  Apparently there are reasons.

The Neglected Toys


Well. I guess I've been neglecting my cat ownership duties.  But no, because they still play with other toys. Maybe we should just reinvest in some others and throw these out? I don't even know anymore.

Does you pet have favorite toys?  Do they have toys they ignore?  Do they have toys they used to love, but now don't? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Toyingly yours,


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