I get that advertising these days, particularly online, is catered to search history. So some of it, I get.  I get why certain ads might appear on social media, because it's stuff I'm interested in.  But... lately I've been getting a lot of adverts for stuff I have no interest in whatsoever.  I don't even think I've come close to searching for any of this stuff.


Just...why?  And it's not like I buy anything off of social media.  Sure, I've shopped online, but only for stores I know are legit. And it can be hard to trust some of the stuff you see on social media (read: Facebook).  My dad has bought stuff through links there, and it's been hit or miss for him.

Anyway, just know that I would never in a million years buy any of this stuff, much less online.  I mean, sure, if someone wants to gift me a big blanket I'm sure the girls would use it.  Or we could replace our front door mat.  But I don't NEED any of that stuff, and there's no way in hail I would pay some of these prices.  Then again, I am a cheapskate, so that might play into it.

Have you ever seen an ad on social media that was catered to your tastes? Do you get relevant ads, or are they stuff like this that doesn't make a whole lotta sense?

Shoppingly yours,


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