As you can imagine, we end up writing about a lot of different things in these blogs.Sometimes we write about some funny stuff, serious stuff, important stuff, whatever. And since we have to cover a variety of different topics, we have a service available to use to put a photo with the post. It just looks better on the page, and it gives the reader a better heads up about what the content is. So I go to our archive the other day, and I find - well, I am confronted by - this.


I really can't imagine a blog post where I would need to use that photo.  "Oh, I'm going to write about dudes that hang out in stabby looking stilettos in their underwear.  How will I find the right photo?!  IT HAS TO BE A TATTOOED GUY IN A HAT."

Maybe it was supposed to be like, for a Halloween thing?  I don't know what that would be, though. Maybe it's about the flower art behind him? He wants to express his artistic appreciation by wearing a tiny hat and no pants.

So it got me curious, since I've found a few other odd photos before.

Anna Bryukhanova

For all of your "businessman sucking on a pacifier" needs.

Clothes Pin Man
Getty Images

Keep in mind, someone had that idea, decided to give someone else money to do it, and then took the time to photograph it.  I wonder what the "rejected" photos look like, if this is the best one.

Getty Images
Getty Images

What is this, The Seventh Seal*? I guess if you need to be creeped out, today's your day. Why no shirt, come on, it's clearly cold there, I can see the snow!  Poor model. That must have been a day when they felt like they really earned that check.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

I honestly can not imagine a post where I would need to talk about what looks like a kind of drugged out dog with a green beard.  Maybe I'm sheltered. I don't know.

Maybe I need to get more creative.  Maybe that's the key - I need to write a blog post where I have no CHOICE but to use these photos.  It might end up being fiction, though. Not really my forte.

Have you ever come across a photo and thought, "Why did you take that?!"

Photgraphically yours,













*Swedish movie from the fifties. It's kind of hard to follow, but there's a scene where the hero meets Death, and he kind of looks like that.  You're welcome.

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