I would like to think I'm handy.  Or at least not... you know, inept. But really, I'm probably just a useless excuse for a homeowner.  Well, let me unpack that.  Here's the deal, Husbando has a cat. Her name is Figaro, but we call her Figs or Figgy or Figlet.


Looks sweet and innocent, right?  WRONG.  She is a walking, meowing, HOME DESTROYER.  She is really just too much.


SHE DID THAT.  She tore a whole dang whole into my gal-danged screen window.  All because she likes chasing bugs and being sneaky about birds.

The solution for a while was procrastination.  I just kept that window shut.  Just ignore it and it'll go away, right....?  No, chief, you gotta take care of that sherty nonsense or you're never opening that window again.  So finally, I decided it was time to just take care of it.  But what does one do to repair a window?  Do you just replace the screen, or do you do something else?

I called around a bit to get answers.  I talked to the nice man at Ace here in town and he told me that I could repair it myself, or he could do it for me.  The lady at Dugan said they could fix it or replace it.  I weighed my options and decided to do the only sensible thing.  Let Husbando decide.

His thought was, "I can do this. I can repair this screen just fine. Get me the tools, and we'll get this done."  So, okay, off I go.  I went to the Ace and the nice lady directed me to the aisle I needed.  Uh oh.  Now what?   I probably should have thought about sizing or something before I came here.  Wait, no, that's not an issue, 'cos Husbando said you just cut it to fit.  But which one? Do I want Standard, do I want Aluminum, do I want... OH.  Pet Proof!  That's the magic word.  But it looks darker than the other kind, and the other kind looks like what's in the window.   So I decided to get both.


Now the best part: hand it over to Husbando and let him handle it.  Oh, and the curtain rod there?  Yeah, that's another home project. I managed to somehow completely tear off the curtain rod from the dang window in the kitchen, so It's just time to replace it. Maybe that'll be my project and he can handle the window in the dining room.


Dang, you know what, adulting sucks. But at least this time it's only like, forty bucks worth of suckiness. Well that, and a spent lunch hour between Ace and the People's Republic of Walton (Ace didn't have a curtain rod).  Now here's hoping this stuff can stand up to the wrath of Figgy.

Repairingly yours,

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