I guess I'm showing my age, but it just seems like things are going to heck in a handbasket around here lately.You've heard the news. There have been a ton of thefts, shootings (or threats of them), accidents, assaults, all sorts of crazy stuff lately happening in Sedalia.

Is it just me, or does it seem like it's more than normal amount of this stuff lately?

Is it something in the water? Is the weather making us crazy? Have we lost our collective minds? Is it a tool of the man to keep us down?

Have we lost our innocence? Our compassion for our fellow man?

Are we really that cold and cynical that we can just do whatever we want to whoever we want and not care about the consequences? Do we just not feel empathy anymore?

I don't know what to think anymore. I want Sedalians to be good to each other. I thought kindness was a small town value. I guess that's why I cling to positive stories. I want to believe that we can be the good neighbors I remember us being.

Or.... was I wearing rose colored glasses? Were we really all just jerks? Were we the kind of people who are only concerned about themselves?

I'm not saying we all need to band together and hold hands across the county. I'm not even saying that we all should feel bad for not giving enough to charity. I'm just saying... aren't we better than this?

We are,.... aren't we?  We're better than resorting to streetfights when we have a disagreement. We're better than dumping animals out in the county when they're not cute anymore. We're better than thoughtless, snarky, anonymous comments on the internet. We're better than taking what isn't ours just because we can. We're better than leaving the shopping cart by the side of a parking spot because you're too lazy to walk it ten feet back to the corral*. At least I thought we were. I hope we are.

What do you think?

Hopefully yours,


* I am definitely guilty of this. So please, don't think I'm trying to be preachy from some intolerably arrogant moral high ground. I'm sure many, many, many of you are far superior to me in thousands of ways.

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